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The Regenerative Marketplace is led by David Gottfried, founder of the U.S. Green Building Council and World Green Building Council. The Marketplace focuses solely on green products to serve the U.S. building industry. These products will help advance a building’s LEED® Green Building Rating score as well as contribute to the greening of Marketplace member organizations. Our products will be sold in Marketplace stores. Each store’s organization is committed to sustainability and providing members with high quality green products at competitive pricing. The Regenerative Marketplace is a GPO – Group Purchasing Organization. By joining together, our Marketplace members create aggregated volume, which helps all members receive discounted pricing.

The goals of the Regenerative Marketplace and its stores include:

  1. Only carry green products from “sustainable” organizations
  2. Provide education and resources on green products and green organizations
  3. Utilize green purchasing filters for levels of green: low, mid, high
  4. Provide competitive pricing based on volume purchasing discounts
  5. Provide reporting on green purchases – assisting in LEED EBOM sustainable purchasing requirements and documentation and other EPP (environmentally preferred purchasing) guidelines
  6. Membership is free to members
  7. Provide a give back program – to the USGBC and our various GBC chapter partners
  8. Provide carbon offset opportunities for our purchases

The Regenerative Marketplace is proud to launch with Office Depot as its first store. The Office Depot Greener Office at the Regenerative Marketplace has been sorted to include the most commonly purchased green office products at the steepest discounts and include thousands of other popular green products at discounted prices. Savings are between 15% and 70% off retail prices. Additionally, Office Depot offers LEED credit reporting for items that qualify for LEED and green spend reporting for your purchases.



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