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Greening My Life by David Gottfried

David Gottfried founded the first green building council, which has since been adopted in 90 countries. He also created the LEED® Green building rating system. But after years of spreading the green building gospel and starting several non-profit and for-profit sustainability companies, Gottfried was exhausted, unhappy and alone. He had a back wrecked by years of stress, lived in a rental and had a string of short disappointing relationships behind him. So he decided to apply the principles of conservation to a non-renewable resource–himself.

Paperback edition: $16.95

Digital Amazon Kindle edition: $9.99




Greed to Green by David Gottfried

One man’s journey — From greedy real estate developer to a founder of the green building movement. David Gottfried transformed not only his life, but also the world. He started his career as a successful real estate developer in Washington, D.C., during the go-go ’80s, pursuing wealth and maximum consumption. With the market crash in the early ’90s, he had an epiphany that led to his pioneering role in the green building movement. Gottfried’s twenty-year journey involved great personal struggle as he broke from the traditional teachings of his successful father, of Stanford University, and of his wealthy developer cousins. He then turned his life around to take on the $3 trillion global building industry—pushing it to embrace sustainability. Through his inspirational story, David Gottfried teaches us that we can change our industries and ourselves, and help the planet in the process.

Paperback Edition: $15.95

Digital Amazon Kindle edition: $9.99
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